AutoLaser Marking Machine

AutoLaser Marking Machine



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Features and Benefits

  • Laser-etch tri-code sample tubes with a maximum of 1200 tubes per hour, user defined with his own information
  • Customize the code using characters, numbers, letters, barcodes, 2D codes, graphics, etc
  • Laser-etched code with high contrast and readability,simply recognized with barcode reader
  • Open communication interface for integrating into existing software. Data can be imported externally without manual input
  • Compatible with the entire suite of Hoefer sample storage tubes
  • Simplify the sample handling process by solving issues of paper labels that are prone to contamination, not waterproof, and fall off at low temperatures

Technical Parameters

Dimension W×L×H 570mm×485mm×650mm
Unit Weight 72 kg
Optical Parameters Marking range 110mm×110mm
Standard marking line width  0.06mm (depend on the material)
Minimum character height 0.2mm
Cooling system Cooling method forced air cooling
Controlling Unit IPC I5-6200 main board, 4GMemory, 128G drive, touch screen
Operating environment System power supply 1.5KW/AC220V/50Hz
The voltage fluctuation range is ± 5%. If it exceeds the fluctuation range, a voltage regulator device needs to be equipped.
Grounding Class D [grounding resistance 100 or less]
Ambient temperature 10~35°C
Ambient humidity ≤90%
Vibrate 0.98m/s2 {0.1G} or less, 10~60Hz.
During transportation: 4.9 m/s2 {0.5G} or less.
Dust Less 0.20mg/m3
Mist Not allow
Condensation Not allow