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SUB10 Mini-Plus Submarine Gel Electrophoresis Unit

SUB10 Mini-Plus Submarine Gel Electrophoresis Unit

Ideal for routine preparatory and analytical electrophoresis techniques



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The SUB10 Mini Horizontal Gel Unit is ideal for routine nucleic acid preparatory and analytical electrophoresis techniques. It has a maximum 80-sample throughput capacity and features a removable gel casting tray with end gaskets that allow gels to be cast directly within the tank.

Features and Benefits

  • Color-coded and height adjustable combs—easily identify comb thickness at a glance and control well depth
  • Colored loading strips—for easy well detection when loading
  • Compact tank—reduces the buffer volume required to cover the gel,providing greater control over the voltage gradient and run-time
  • UV-transparent running tray—allows the user to image the gel without risk of damage due to handling
  • Side handles—for safe and easy transportation around the laboratory


  • Buffer Chamber Assembly 
  • Safety Lid
  • High Voltage Leads
  • Running Tray with Silicone Gasket*
  • 1 mm thick, 16-well combs, 2 pcs
  • Colored Loading Strips

* The included running tray is lined with silicone gaskets which form a leak-proof seal against the inner walls of the running chamber when the running tray is turned 90° to the direction of electrophoresis.


Gel Dimensions (W x L)  10 x 11.5 cm
 Maximum Buffer Volume
 450 ml
 Maximum Power Settings 
 300 V, 200 mA, 60 W
 Maximum Sample Capacity
 Maximum Running Temperature
 Indoor Use 
 4 to 40°C
 Up to 80%
 Unit Dimensions (W x L x H) 
 16.5 x 23 x 6.5 cm
Unit Weight 1.70 kg