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Tri-coded Tube, 0.5mL/1.0mL/2.0mL

Tri-coded Tube, 0.5mL/1.0mL/2.0mL



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Package: 0.5mL/1.0mL(96/rack, 10racks/case), 2.0mL(48/rack, 10racks/case)

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  • Manufactured in clean workshop complying with GMP 8 and certified with ISO 9001 and13485
  • Laser-etched code on the tube bottom and side,easy to be read, scratch resistant
  • Strict quality control, Tri-Coded system, to provide readability and uniqueness, and unequaled sample audit traceability
  • Super-toughened materials with standing temperatures from -196°C to 120°C for various storage condition
  • RNase / DNase and pyrogen free, can be sterilized using gamma irradiation
  • Same material for cap and tube, effectively prevent the uneven expansion during freeze-thaw cycles
  • Direct code-reading with the tubes on rack. The rack is SBS format
  • External thread tubes provide bigger working volume
  • Multi-color caps for choice, to facilitate research for different samples
  • Non-silicone seal with unique thread to prevent over-tightening

Multi-color caps and racks for customization.

  • Caps Color: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Transparent
  • Tube Racks: White base, Black base



  0.5 mL 1 mL 2.0 mL
Max. Working Volume (mL) 0.58 1.15 2
Tube Height (mm) 26.82 46.59 38.43
Tube Height with Cap (mm) 29.58 49.34 43.12
Inner Diameter (mm) 6.5 6.5 9.6
Outer Diameter with Cap (mm) 8.7 8.7 12.8
Center to Center (mm) 9 9 13.5
Minimum temperature (℃) -196 -196 -196
Format 96-format 96-format 48-format
2D-code on base
1D Linear Barcode on side
1D Linear Barcode on rack
Rack Dimensions (L×W×H,mm) 128×85×36 128×85×54 128×85×48
Rack Weight (kg) 0.143 0.202 0.204
Case Weight (kg) 1.57 2.22 2.27

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